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£90,000 Raised at the Diamond Ball 2023 – A Resounding Success

Boot Out Breast Cancer Diamond Ball 2023

The 9th of September, 2023, marked a significant date on BOBC’s social calendar – the Diamond Ball 2023. Hosted by the distinguished Kimpton Clocktower Hotel and proudly sponsored by Toughsheet UK, FutureSonic Records, and JR Hoarding, this glamorous event promised an unforgettable evening of entertainment and fundraising for a noble cause.

The theme of the night was “Diamonds,” and it radiated with elegance and sophistication. Guests, dressed to the nines, entered a world of shimmering opulence. The glittering décor and ambience set the stage for a truly remarkable experience.

The highlight of the evening was none other than the sensational Sam Ryder. Sam’s electrifying performance captivated the audience, leaving an indelible mark on the night.

Sam Ryder wasn’t alone in stealing the show. The Voice UK 2016 winner, Kevin Simm, brought his mesmerising talent to the stage, enthralling the audience with his powerful vocals. Adding a touch of uniqueness to the event, the Globe Girls, a collective of drag performers and artists, showcased their innovative approach to drag entertainment, adding an element of diversity and inclusivity.

The night also featured an awe-inspiring live auction by Ben Mosley, the official artist for Team GB in the Olympic Games. Ben’s artwork has garnered recognition and endorsements from renowned figures and his live painting during the event was a testament to his incredible talent. The resulting artwork was auctioned off to one lucky bidder.

The Boot Out Breast Cancer Ball is not just about glamour and entertainment; it is about making a difference. This year’s event continued the organisation’s tradition of raising essential funds for the acquisition of advanced breast cancer equipment for NHS hospitals. While the specific fundraising figure remains undisclosed, we know it hit over £90,000 which demonstrates the relentless efforts of our organisation and its supporters.

In addition to the dazzling performances and fundraising success, BOBC introduced our new ambassador, Suzy Orr, a brave individual currently undergoing breast cancer treatment. Her presence serves as a powerful symbol of hope and her speech was nothing short of remarkable.

Guests indulged in a sumptuous three-course meal that delighted the senses. Late-night street food offerings ensured that guests were treated to a satisfying gastronomic experience throughout the night.

The Boot Out Breast Cancer Ball 2023 was not just a night to remember; it was a night that made a difference. With the support of the community and esteemed guests, BOBC continues to improve the lives of countless individuals affected by breast cancer.  We are also excited to tell you, that this week we have agreed to buy an Ultrasound machine at £59,000 and a Sentinel node biopsy gamma probe at £24,000 as a result of the huge sums of money raised from the ball, and we couldn’t be prouder. Founder and Chair Debbie Dowie expressed her excitement for the event, highlighting its significance in raising vital funds for breast cancer equipment in NHS hospitals.

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