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A Heartfelt Thank You to Suzy Orr from Boot Out Breast Cancer

Thank You Suzy!

Dear Supporters and Friends of Boot Out Breast Cancer,

We are filled with immense gratitude as we extend our deepest thanks to a remarkable individual, Suzy Orr, who has not only inspired us but has also made an extraordinary impact on our cause.

Suzy’s journey with Boot Out Breast Cancer has been nothing short of inspiring. From her active involvement in our events, including our annual Ladies Lunch, to her unwavering support as a follower of our mission for many years, Suzy’s commitment has always been heartfelt. Little did we know that the very cause she supported would become deeply personal to her.

In June of this year, Suzy faced the life-altering diagnosis of breast cancer. Despite this challenging news, Suzy approached her journey with a remarkable spirit of determination and selflessness. She chose to take bold action, deciding to shave her hair before chemotherapy could claim it, all the while aiming to raise awareness about the importance of early detection through mammograms.

Suzy’s message has been powerful throughout her journey; her cancer was detected through a routine mammogram, emphasising the critical role of proactive screening even in the absence of symptoms or family history. Her story underscores why our mission at Boot Out Breast Cancer is so vital—to improve awareness and diagnostic capabilities and ultimately save lives through early detection.

Through her personal fundraiser on JustGiving, Suzy rallied support and generosity, raising an incredible £13,300 (+£1,712 Gift Aid) for Boot Out Breast Cancer. This extraordinary sum will significantly contribute to our ongoing efforts to enhance diagnostic equipment in hospitals, ensuring more women have access to early and accurate breast cancer detection. These funds will be going directly towards buying Magseeds for Chorley Hospital. 

Suzy, your courage, strength, and determination have touched us deeply. Your selfless act of fundraising amidst your own battle is a testament to your incredible spirit and generosity. We are profoundly humbled and honored by your dedication to our cause and the impact you have made on our mission.

As Suzy’s fundraiser drew to a close on April 13th, we reflect on the immense difference she has made and the lives she has touched. Each contribution, each word of encouragement, has played a part in supporting Suzy and in furthering our cause to combat breast cancer.

On behalf of everyone at Boot Out Breast Cancer and the countless women whose lives you have impacted, we extend our deepest gratitude to Suzy Orr. Your journey, your courage, and your unwavering support inspire us all to continue our mission with renewed determination. 

Together, we are making a difference. Here’s to the next chapter of your journey, Suzy, and to the countless lives that will be touched because of your remarkable generosity and spirit!

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