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A Mother’s Day Message

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A Message from the Team at BOBC

Mother’s Day is a special day for celebrating and honouring all the amazing mums out there who have made a positive impact on their children’s lives. However, for some families, this day can be bittersweet, especially for those who have been affected by breast cancer.

Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer among women, and it can have a devastating impact on families. For mothers who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, the disease can be especially difficult to navigate, as they try to balance their own health needs with their responsibilities as a parent.

One of the most important things that mothers with breast cancer can do is prioritise their own health and well-being. This may mean taking time off from work, delegating responsibilities to family members or friends, or seeking out professional support to help them cope with the emotional and physical toll of the disease.

For children who have a mother with breast cancer, it can be a confusing and frightening time. They may feel scared or anxious about their mum’s health, and may not know how to express their feelings or ask for help. It’s important for parents to have open and honest conversations with their children about the disease, and to provide age-appropriate information and support.

This Mother’s Day, we at BOBC encourage everyone to take a moment to reflect on the amazing mothers in their lives and to offer support and encouragement to those who may be struggling with breast cancer. By raising awareness about the disease and providing support to those who are affected by it, we can help to ensure that all mothers are able to live healthy, happy lives.

Happy Mother's Day, love from the Boot Out Breast Cancer team!

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