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Boot Out Breast Cancer: Spending Timeline

Donation Spending Timeline

We at Boot Out Breast Cancer are a charity based in Greater Manchester that is dedicated to raising funds for breast cancer equipment. Our mission is to improve the lives of breast cancer patients by providing essential resources and cutting-edge equipment to hospitals and clinics. The following spending timeline showcases the impactful donations we have made to various medical facilities over the years. Together, we are making a difference in the fight against breast cancer.

2012: Supporting Breakthrough Research and Enhancing Patient Comfort

In 2012, Boot Out Breast Cancer made significant contributions to two important areas. We donated £100,000 to the Paterson Institute for Cancer Research, allowing their dedicated scientists to acquire a liquid handling system for breakthrough research. Additionally, we provided Leighton Hospital with a Dignicap scientific scalp cooling system worth £24,000, offering breast cancer patients the opportunity to preserve their hair during chemotherapy treatments.

2013: Advancing Diagnosis and Treatment

The year 2013 marked further strides in our commitment to breast cancer care. Boot Out Breast Cancer donated a Faxitron Machine worth £60,000 to the Royal Bolton Hospital, enabling instant confirmation of successful biopsy procedures. Additionally, we contributed £12,000 for a sentinel node biopsy gamma device, supporting accurate lymph node mapping.

We donated over £80,000 in the form of Biopsy Equipment and a bed to the Thomas Linacre Centre in 2013 and even though they have had the room redesigned, the BOBC plaque still sits pride of place on the opposite wall (see photo)!

2014: Empowering Medical Facilities

In 2014, Boot Out Breast Cancer continued to empower hospitals with cutting-edge equipment. We provided Broadgreen Hospital Liverpool with a Hologic Selenia Dimensions mammography machine valued at £128,000, ensuring high-quality imaging for early breast cancer detection.

Additionally, we supported the Nightingale Centre at Wythenshawe Hospital by funding a Siemens 2000 ultrasound machine and an MR-guided breast biopsy kit, collectively amounting to £97,000.

2016: Enhancing Diagnostic Capabilities

In 2016, Boot Out Breast Cancer donated a Daax Faxitron Biodivision specimen cabinet worth £58,210 to North Manchester General Hospital. This equipment allowed for precise analysis and verification of breast tissue margins, enhancing diagnostic accuracy.

The picture (left to right) is of Tibor Kovacs (The Royal Bolton’s Consultant Breast Surgeon in 2015), Catherine Walsh (Radiology and Breast Services Manager) and Debbie Dowie.

2017: Revolutionary Technologies for Improved Patient Care

Continuing our dedication to advanced breast cancer care, in 2017, we provided several hospitals with state-of-the-art equipment. Wrightington, Wigan & Leigh Hospital received a Faxitron Biovision specimen machine and an EnCor Enspire breast biopsy system, totaling £84,000. Moreover, Royal Blackburn Hospital received a Faxitron specimen machine (£61,912.50), and Burnley General Hospital acquired a Phillips Sense Breast Coil (£16,658.00), both enabling efficient and accurate diagnosis.

2019-2020: Cutting-Edge Upgrades and Outreach Programs

In 2019, Warrington Hospital received a Hologic tomosynthesis and tomo biopsy upgrade (£53,719.00), bolstering their diagnostic capabilities. In 2020, The Christie benefited from our £134,964.00 donation, which supported the Boot Out Breast Cancer Outreach Program, ensuring that vital breast cancer information and resources reach a wider audience.

2021-2023: Dedicated Support for Breast Cancer Patients

From 2021 to 2023, Boot Out Breast Cancer has focused on providing WomanZone Post Op Bras, Bra Kits, and Leisure Bras to multiple hospitals across Greater Manchester and beyond, totaling £39,500. This support has aimed to improve the post-operative comfort and recovery experience of breast cancer patients.

The journey of Boot Out Breast Cancer has been defined by unwavering dedication to the breast cancer cause. Through our relentless fundraising efforts and strategic donations, we have contributed over £1.1 million to various hospitals and research institutions, enhancing breast cancer care, diagnosis, and patient comfort. We are grateful to our supporters and partners who have joined us on this incredible journey. Together, we can continue making a lasting impact on the lives of breast cancer patients and their families. Join us in our mission to boot out breast cancer for good.

The Future

We are also thrilled to announce that we’re currently awaiting wish lists from three deserving institutions. These include the University Hospital of Birmingham, the University Hospital of Warwickshire and Coventry, and the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle. The charity is excited to support these causes and looks forward to making a significant impact on breast cancer care in these areas.

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