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Promising Breakthrough in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Promising Breakthrough in the Fight Against Breast Cancer!

We’re thrilled to share some incredible news in the battle against breast cancer! Scientists from the University of Liverpool have made a significant discovery with the potential to halt the spread of breast cancer.

Metastasis, the process responsible for cancer’s spread to other parts of the body, has long been a challenge in cancer treatment. But these researchers have identified a specific biomedical compound that can block proteins responsible for metastasis, opening new possibilities for more effective treatments!


Through collaborative efforts between the Chemistry and Biochemistry Departments at the University of Liverpool and Nanjing Medical School in China, they have successfully crafted a novel compound. This powerful compound inhibits metastasis with an improvement of over 20,000-fold compared to previous inhibitors while keeping toxic side effects at bay.

Dr. Gemma Nixon, Senior Lecturer in Medicinal Chemistry, shared her excitement about this breakthrough and the team’s plan to conduct further studies on a larger group of animals to validate the findings before potential clinical trials.

This research holds promise not only for breast cancer but also for many other commonly occurring human cancers, thanks to the presence of the protein ‘S100A4’ in multiple cancer types. Together, we are moving closer to finding targeted therapies that can revolutionise cancer treatment.

At Boot Out Breast Cancer, we applaud these incredible scientists and the generous support of organisations like The Cancer and Polio Research Fund, Medical Research Council, Cancer Research UK, and Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, which made this progress possible.

Let’s continue to stand together, raising awareness and supporting research for a future free from the fear of breast cancer. Together, we can make a difference!

Source: University of Liverpool News

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