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Screening Saves Lives!

The inspiring story of Suzy Orr, a courageous businesswoman, and now the newest ambassador for BOBC; shares her story of facing breast cancer in this excerpt from an exclusive interview with ITV. Suzy’s journey, filled with determination and resilience, highlights the importance of early detection and advocacy in the fight against breast cancer. During the interview, she recounted the unexpected diagnosis after a routine mammogram screening and her commitment to raising awareness for breast cancer. Suzy’s remarkable efforts have earned her the esteemed role of becoming an ambassador for our charity, Boot Out Breast Cancer; as she continues to champion the cause even while undergoing treatment. Her empowering story serves as a beacon of hope for countless individuals and emphasises the significance of regular screenings.

Suzy Orr's Journey

Suzy Orr, a dedicated businesswoman from Chorley, is facing breast cancer with remarkable courage and resilience. Suzy, who has actively supported various breast cancer awareness campaigns, discovered her condition unexpectedly during a routine mammogram screening. The X-ray revealed ductal cancer, one of the most common forms of breast cancer, quietly residing in her left breast. Despite the challenges of her cancer journey, Suzy has become determined to raise awareness and funds for the cause. Her story underscores the importance of early detection through screenings and the power of advocacy in combating breast cancer. Read more to explore Suzy’s inspirational journey, the significance of regular screenings, and how her ambassadorship will contribute to the fight against this relentless disease.

Caught Unaware...

In June, Suzy Orr went for a routine mammogram screening, unsuspecting of any potential health concerns. To her shock, the results revealed a small “mass” measuring just 15 millimeters in her left breast. Remarkably, Suzy had experienced no symptoms, feeling healthy and well. As the owner of Unique Ladies, a women’s business networking company, Suzy had been an ardent advocate for breast cancer awareness, inviting speakers to share their stories. Little did she anticipate that she would soon become intimately familiar with the very disease she had worked tirelessly to raise awareness about.

The Power of Early Detection!

Suzy’s timely mammogram screening played a pivotal role in detecting the cancer in its early stages. Mammograms use X-rays to identify breast cancers that are too small to be felt or seen, making them an invaluable tool for early detection. The screening program targets women aged 50-71, offering screenings every three years. However, the uptake rate for screening in the North West stands at only 69.8%, highlighting the importance of promoting regular screenings for early detection. Suzy’s case serves as a powerful reminder of this crucial aspect of breast cancer prevention.

Photo credits (Left and Right): ITV Granada
Her Treatment Journey

Following her diagnosis, Suzy Orr embarked on a courageous treatment journey with the guidance of Shazif Hafiz, a Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon at Chorley and South Ribble Hospital. He recommended a ‘lumpectomy,’ a breast conservation surgery to remove the cancerous tissue. This procedure involved using an ultrasound to locate the affected area and the insertion of a tiny magnetic seed in the breast to accurately pinpoint the cancerous cells. Surgeons then utilised a metal probe, similar to a metal detector, to remove the cancerous tissue. Throughout her treatment, Suzy demonstrated unwavering strength and determination.

A Holistic Approach to Support

At the Central Lancashire Breast Unit in Chorley, patients like Suzy receive comprehensive support from a dedicated breast care team. This team takes patients through a ‘holistic needs assessment’ to address not only their physical needs but also their emotional and practical concerns. Suzy bravely confronted her emotional struggles with the prospect of chemotherapy and hair loss, exemplifying her determination to face the challenges head-on.

Embracing Advocacy

Suzy’s courage and commitment to the cause of breast cancer awareness have led her to become an ambassador for us. We are a charity dedicated to raising funds for diagnostic equipment in hospitals across the North West. Our efforts have significantly contributed to early diagnosis, a critical factor in saving lives. Despite undergoing treatment, Suzy remains passionate about advocating for early detection and supporting BOBC’s mission. She has organized a Networking Walk to Rivington Pike in Bolton, aiming to raise funds for BOBC on the 17th of August. This event will take place just one day before her next treatment at Chorley Breast Cancer Unit, where she can rely on the unwavering support of the hospital staff throughout her journey.

Suzy Orr’s journey through breast cancer exemplifies courage and resilience in the face of adversity. Her advocacy as an ambassador for Boot Out Breast Cancer serves as a beacon of hope for countless individuals fighting their battles against breast cancer. Let us rally behind Suzy’s cause, spreading the message of early detection, and together, work towards booting out breast cancer once and for all.

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