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Suzy Orr Joins BOBC as Ambassador

Suzy's Inspiring Story

We are delighted to announce that Suzy Orr, a remarkable individual with unwavering strength and incredible courage, has joined Boot Out Breast Cancer as our newest Ambassador. Suzy has had a recent diagnosis of breast cancer, and her determination and resilience since the diagnosis have been an inspiration to us. Her commitment to raising funds for our cause, even while undergoing treatments, and her willingness to share her personal experiences have earned our deepest admiration. Today, we stand in solidarity with Suzy as she embarks on this new chapter, offering our unwavering support and encouragement.

"I’m going public because it feels right. I’ve recently been diagnosed with Breast Cancer, there I’ve said it. I had a routine mammogram, I have no lumps or bumps, and there’s no family history, there was something there that hadn’t been on my previous one. I never expected the consultant to confirm it was cancer. The good news is, it’s treatable and I’m currently waiting for confirmation of dates for surgery, then chemo, then radiology. I will do a very public shaving of my hair and hope to raise funds for Boot Out Breast Cancer. Please be on the journey with me and PLEASE HAVE YOUR MAMMOGRAMS!!! It may be uncomfortable for 30 seconds but that’s it. Gents my message to you is to check your prostate!"
Suzy Orr

Despite the challenges she faces, Suzy’s positive outlook and determination to confront this battle head-on serve as an inspiration to us all. In a recent public announcement, Suzy bravely shared her breast cancer diagnosis, emphasising the urgency of the matter. Her openness about the importance of mammograms is a powerful reminder for individuals to prioritise their health.

To raise awareness about this disease and support BOBC, Suzy has decided to undergo a public head-shaving event before chemotherapy takes its toll. She invites others to join her on this transformative journey, highlighting the significance of mammograms in early detection.

Suzy acknowledges the immense support she has received from Unique Ladies Network UK Ltd and other cherished individuals in her life. With heartfelt gratitude, she expresses her deep appreciation for their unwavering encouragement. Suzy has temporarily stepped back from her role at Rochdale Association Football Club to focus on her health and the journey ahead. The outpouring of love and support from her network has fortified her spirit, reinforcing her belief in the power of solidarity.

Embracing Strength in the Face of Adversity

For Suzy, the affiliation with BOBC goes beyond her own diagnosis. She has been a loyal follower of our cause, attending our annual Ladies Lunch and witnessing the tremendous impact it has had on her life. Now, in the face of her own breast cancer battle, Suzy is determined to give back. By raising funds through her JustGiving page, she hopes to contribute to the ongoing efforts of BOBC in improving breast cancer detection and treatment. Suzy’s personal experience reinforces the urgency of our mission, reminding us of the importance of supporting those affected by breast cancer.

BOBC is honored to welcome Suzy Orr as our Ambassador, and we are deeply inspired by her unwavering strength and courage. Through her public journey, Suzy has become a symbol of hope, encouraging individuals to prioritise their health, embrace their challenges, and make a difference. We invite you to join us in supporting Suzy, spreading awareness about breast cancer, and contributing to the ongoing efforts of BOBC. Together, we can make a significant impact in the lives of those affected by this disease. Let us stand united and continue our relentless pursuit to Boot Out Breast Cancer.

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