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Unique Ladies Netwalking for Boot Out Breast Cancer!


In a heartwarming display of solidarity and community spirit, Unique Ladies Networking, a prominent business networking group operating throughout the North West and beyond, hosted an inspiring charity event to support the fight against breast cancer. Director Suzy Orr, organised the event to be just one day before her scheduled breast cancer surgery, lending a deeply personal touch to the event.

Suzy’s personal battle with breast cancer began when a routine mammogram screening detected a small “mass” in her left breast, measuring a mere 15 millimeters. This life-changing revelation came about in June, underlining the critical role that regular screenings play in early detection. The diagnosis revealed that Suzy had ductal cancer, one of the most common forms of breast cancer.

Undeterred by the impending surgery, Suzy, alongside her fellow fundraisers, walked to the summit of Rivington Pike. The walkers wore pink and some even breast backpacks! There was an outpouring of support, as attendees from various walks of life gathered to stand alongside those who had been affected by breast cancer. Through their generous donations and participation, together, they raised an impressive £590!

The event gained significant attention and coverage, with the esteemed team from Granada Reports capturing the essence of the day. Their cameras and reporters documented the heartfelt moments and the collective determination that filled the event. Click below to see the news report. 

Val Marshall, a dedicated member of Boot Out Breast Cancer, encapsulated the sentiments of the day perfectly. She expressed her gratitude for the overwhelming support that flowed in during the fundraising walk.

“It was lovely to have so much support for our BOBC fundraising walk today. I felt proud to be surrounded by so many positive inspiring people. Lots of fun was had and the sun shone for us. ❤️”

In the face of adversity, Suzy has been inundated with messages of support from a community that recognises the vital importance of her fundraising. Her journey has highlighted the lack of awareness surrounding mammogram screenings and the need for women to prioritise their health through regular check-ups. Suzy’s unwavering dedication to our cause is making a lasting impact.

The Unique Ladies Networking’s endeavour to “boot out breast cancer” was a resounding success, demonstrating the immense power of individuals coming together for a common purpose. The event stands as a beacon of hope, inspiring us all to unite, support, and create lasting change in the fight against breast cancer. Together, we can continue to #BootOutBreastCancer and pave the way for a brighter, healthier future!

Click below to see the photos (credits to Alison McMath).  

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